Treasures from the Archives

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Treasures from the Archives

Did you know the Boston Public Library has more than 650,000 photographs and 100,000 prints and drawings in its collection? Neither did I. But that’s not surprising since most of them are out of circulation and hidden away from people (like me!) who might enjoy them. So many photographic treasures and artwork are tucked away, forgotten in the archives of our libraries and museums. But Terrie Bloom (on the right with Jules) is on a mission to change that. She founded a company called i-concepts that helps nonprofit institutions generate income from their wonderful hidden assets.

We’re featuring four sets of historical prints that Terrie helped unearth from sources such as the Boston Public Library, Radcliffe’s Schlesinger Library, and the Thomas Cooper Library at the University of South Carolina. One of our favorites is a 1926 photo of Amelia Earhart wearing a flight helmet and pearls that’s paired with an image of the pioneering aviator’s employment application. (The prints are sold unframed so you can choose a style that fits your own decor, like we did with this photo of Amelia Earhart that we framed and hung in the Daily Grommet offices.)

A set of three prints immortalizes the 1913 U.S. Open, where former caddy and amateur golfer Francis Ouimet pulled off a legendary upset over two strongly-favored British golfers for the win. The Ouimet story inspired the book (and film), The Greatest Game Ever Played, by Mark Frost. For the Fenway faithful, three prints capture depression era Red Sox scenes from the 1930s, including Bits Bierhalter stoking the clubhouse stove, Jimmie Foxx at bat, and fans poised on billboard supports. Lastly, Terrie has reproduced a set of four sketches by Charles Darwin of birds found on the Galapagos Islands and in South America.

These four sets are all very different, but each captures fascinating moments in history and tells a compelling story. Thanks to Terrie, more of us get to enjoy these stories than ever before.

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