Trend to Try: Sports Luxe

by admin

Trend to Try: Sports Luxe

Sports luxe incorporates athletic clothing into an outfit. It can be as simple as throwing on a pair of neon sneakers as you walk out the door. Or a more intentional pairing such mixing a baseball tee or numbered jersey with a skirt and heels. Adding a bit of sportswear to your look creates a cool, effortless effect. Here are some of my favorite sports luxe looks:

The first look is by Sara Rash (left). She knows just how to make punk and grunge hot! By pairing a sporty numbered crop top with high-waisted jean shorts Sara not only has a super chill outfit but incorporates a little sporty spice into her look.

Next is a take on the wedge sneaker. Jules from Sincerely Jules (middle left) takes the little black dress to a whole new level with these Nike wedge sneakers. Sporty, yet very feminine.

Running shoes aren't just for working out anymore. Pair a bright colored shoe with jeans like Christine from Hello Fashion Blog did (middle right). I love how chic the coat looks with the pop of pink from her top.

Lastly is Blair from Atlantic-Pacific (right). How perfect is this look? A basic baseball tee gives her skirt the ultimate sporty effect. And those heels? Nailed it.

Sky high heels are out and comfy sneakers are in? This is one trend we can really get behind. 

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