Turbans In and Turbans Out

by admin

Turbans In and Turbans Out

My mission is to unite the worlds of fashion and medical headwear so that we follically challenged ladies and girls don’t have to live outside the adjective ranges of “normal,” “fashionable,” or “beautiful.” I’m all for headwear and fashion accessories that help us to step out into the world with dignity and confidence, feeling bold and beautiful, rather than sick or other.

Not all fusions of fashion and medical are equal in my mind or eyes. Try as I might, I just cannot embrace turbans as the newest, hottest fashion wrap. What works on 5th Avenue in Manhattan doesn’t necessarily cut it on Main Street, U.S.A. Now that’s not to say we’re anything less than bold and creative on my block, but let’s face it, there’s a whole lotta fashion that looks great on the runway (turbans aren’t one of them), maybe even on the celebrities (turbans don’t make that category either), but that never show up on we real people cuz they just ain’t “real.”

I look at a turban, even on a runway model or celebrity, and I have a quick succession of thoughts: cancer, pretentious, snooty, Sikh, World War II fashion. And hey, if it didn’t leave the runway back in 2007, chances are it’ll die young this time around too. To be clear, I personally have not expanded my definition of “turban” to include Ashley’s turban-wannabe headband.

And you? Is this a look you’ll reach back or out to? Tied any glitzy bath towels around your head lately? Got a turban look that can open my mind?

Susan Beausang, President, 4Women.com