Twitter, Sexy Shoes, and Budgets

by admin

Twitter, Sexy Shoes, and Budgets

As the author of Bitches on a Budget (and the Web blog Bitches on a Budget) a lot of our time is spent considering what items are worth saving on, so we have money left to splurge on the really good stuff. A recent article by Cathy Horyn highlights the difficulty in parsing out what’s worth lusting for and what’s yesterdays news in light of our over redundant information age. She wrote in the New York Times:

“In the age of Twitter, the inessential becomes the essential. You sense this reductive pattern in a lot of the spring shows: that designers are trying to crash their collections with a lot of quick, short-term thinking. Meanwhile they are making just as much noise as they did in the past.”

This sage thought grabbed our attention—because its wisdom goes beyond the catwalk.

A modern woman on a budget can’t afford to succumb to “quick, short-term thinking” when making choices about how to invest her precious and woefully-dwindling resources (and we’re not talking just moola but time and lust—oh-so-easily confused with love—as well).

After all, we’ve all become slightly nuts for twitter—it’s such a clever and addictive way of shrinking full-sized thoughts into itty-bitty screen-bites. (Or maybe aborting full-sized thinking into shallow e-commerce networking?) No matter. How else does a modern woman keep up with the instant buzz of the moment?

But a smart gal shouldn’t confuse a significant trend (as in something with meaningful, investment-grade, lasting style direction) with instant fad and mindless filler. The tough part of living, whether it’s picking the right boyfriend, the right house or the right new winter coat is in the editing. Well, if you’re bombarded by a constant barrage of jagged pieces of information, streaming at staggering speed, how will you ever be able to sort and edit the absolute must-haves every bitch needs?

Train your inner bitch. You know those angels and devils always appearing on the shoulders of cartoon characters? What you need is a bitch sitting on your shoulder, clad like a dominatrix, red-lipped and narrow-eyed, cracking her whip whenever you get caught up in useless fads.

… studded platform gladiator shoes


… puffy-hipped skirts


OK. We know. Fads can be fun, and sometimes it takes a while to know which look really has legs. (Who knew stove pipes could last this long?) Just remember, no big spending gulps on a passing fancy, only little micro-bites allowed. More simply put: no Fendi gladiators, only really sexy H&M knockoffs!


(That last one was because we know you secretly like it …)