Undershirts That Fit

by admin

I know I’m not the only guy whose T-shirts cause fits. Every time I get up from my desk or out of the car, I feel the need to complete the untuck/re-tuck operation because my boxy T-shirt is bulging. But not anymore. I’m switching to Tommy John.

Founded by Tom Patterson, Tommy John makes smooth, trimming T-shirts using a stretchy fabric that conforms to your torso without being restrictive. That’s critical: I want a streamlined profile, but I don’t want a too-tight tee. Tommy John’s Second Skin shirts are longer than most, so they stay tucked in. The material is also designed to breathe and wick away moisture so you stay cooler and dryer.

Many a great outfit has been ruined by a bulky undershirt. Tom was sick of messing with his old T-shirts, so he left a career in medical sales to focus on designing men’s undergarments. Now he’s turned the undershirt world inside out. Consider me converted.

You can learn more and purchase Tommy John t-shirts here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on Daily Grommet