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Urban Outfitters’ “Navajo” Panties Spark Legal Trouble

Urban Outfitters is in hot water again. This time it’s for the glut of “Navajo”-themed merchandise in their stores. Turns out, the Navajo Nation holds twelve trademarks on use of the term “Navajo,” so the brand’s “Navajo Hipster Panty” along with the twenty-three other products in its inventory that have the word “Navajo” in the name might be grounds for litigation. Not to mention the fact that UO might be in violation of federal law under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, which makes it illegal to market an art or craft item using the name of a tribe if a member, or certified Indian artisan, of that tribe did not actually create the item. The Navajo Nation’s Attorney General has asked Urban Outfitters to cease and desist using the term. We imagine UO will get to it just as soon as it ties up all those other cease and desist orders from indie designers, or when it decides on a new hot-button cultural reference to appropriate—whichever comes first. (Via Jezebel)

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