Use Technology to Lose Weight

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Use Technology to Lose Weight

If you are one of the countless American’s who has vowed to lose weight in 2009, the bad news is the Wii Fit Santa brought you won’t do it alone. The good news is there are several technological tools that can help you reach your goal. If you also resolved to watch your finances this year, our top five picks are all under fifty dollars.

Food Scale

You know what they say, portions are everything. Escali offers precision scales available for home or mobile use. For home use, we like the Primo. It comes in eleven colors to blend into your décor and measures to the .1-ounce or 1 gram to ensure accuracy. When you are on the go, Escali offers the Liberta. At 4.25-inches by 2.75-inches by 0.75-inches, this handheld precision scale can fit in your purse for easy transport. Retailing between $19.99 to $31.99 and backed by a five year warranty, it’s a small investment that can go a long way.

Your Smart Phone

Sites like weightwatchers and thehealthydiningfinder make staying on top of your goal cheat proof by giving you access to mobile information whenever you need it. Whether it is Weight Watchers point tracker, or the Healthy Dining Finder site that gives you access to nutrition information for popular chain restaurants, you have no excuse to not stay on track. Don’t have a data plan? Text “diet1” with the name of the restaurant and menu item and receive an instant reply with pertinent dietary information courtesy of diet’s Nutrition on the Go service.


Omron’s HJ-112 tracks your distance, steps taken, and amount of calories burned. It automatically resets at midnight each night, but maintains your history for seven days allowing you to see a full week of progress. While some pedometers must be positioned precisely for accurate results, the HJ-112 can be put in your bag or pocket without compromising results. Available for $26.72 from Wal-Mart.

Your iPod

No one said losing weight is easy, and sometimes we need a little motivation, encouragement, special tips, and suggestions. Sites like diet.com offer free podcasts with tips and suggestions, shape.com and fitnessmagazine.com offer free workout downloads, and you can download countless of podcasts from iTunes to give you the pick me up you need when you need it at little or no expense.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

You know your Venti Carmel Macchiato daily is adding an extra 300 calories a day (minus all the extras) so why not attack your resolution to lose weight and watch your finances at the same time by cutting them out. While maybe not as glamorous as Starbucks, brewing your own caffeine boost in the Black & Decker Brew ‘N Go will save you not only over 1000 calories a week, but depending on your gourmet coffee of choice, could save you over $25 each week … all for just $23.43 from Amazon. 

Good luck!