Valise Clothing Boutique: Washington, DC

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Valise Clothing Boutique: Washington, DC

Every city has to offer something, right? But when I am forced to make a trip to Washington, D.C., I always feel my lunch rising from my stomach. The only visions that come to my mind are a sea of blue suits and phallic inspired government monuments (don’t try to tell me the Washington Monument just looks like a bottle of Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’Issey!)


But there is a silver lining to the city I deem as boring … shopping! Georgetown and Dupont Circle both boast quaint shops and kitschy boutiques. One of Georgetown’s newest and most coveted boutique’s is Valise. En francais “valise” means suitcase. But this boutique opened in 2006 doesn’t sell luggage, instead it carries designers known for classic elegance and sophistication with a southern twist. What boutique do you know sells southern proper headbands apparel and Nicole Miller?


Owners Mary Beth Metrey and Heather White have managed to mesh high end designers with styles and designers indigenous to Southern belles. Metrey and White, who look young enough to be collegiate co-eds, are college degree wielding entrepreneurs, friends since high school and driven fashionistas with a shared appreciation for classic, mature, elegant and sophisticated designers from across the globe. Their tiny store embodies luxury and confident charm with brands and designers such as Theory, Kooba, Vera Wang and Odyn Jeans.

 If you’re in D.C. and want to participate in non-traditional government tourist activities, support the economy in way of our burgeoning recession at Valise, and get carried away!

Photos courtesy of brandhabit