Vintage Clothing Can Be Mom’s Best Friend

by admin

Vintage Clothing Can Be Mom’s Best Friend

With prices rising, unemployment hovering around 10 percent nationally, and the dollar not stretching as far as it once did, vintage clothing has given Moms an option that allows them to clothe their family and still have enough left over to feed them when they’re done shopping. If you think that’s an extreme statement, go to El Centro, California, where the unemployment rate in June was 27.5 percent or Santa Ana, where 79 percent of the homes for sale right now are foreclosure or distressed properties.

Vintage clothing is just one more way that moms and dads can save money and provide their families with more available income to pay bills with. The price of gasoline seems to be holding steady at a little under $3.00 a gallon, but who knows when that will go up again? Interest rates, if you can get a loan, are presently low, but a good part of this mess we’re in now was created by banks offering low and adjustable rate loans and mortgages. There is only one way to make sure you have security for the future and that is to cut costs and save right now.

Economics is not the only reason why vintage clothing is Mom’s best friend. As parents, we all want our children to grow up in a world that is a better place than our own. In recent years, many strides have been taken towards preserving our environment and recycling clothing is one of them. When you buy vintage clothing for yourself, your children, or your spouse, you are preventing textile goods from going into a landfill. That’s a good way to make sure your children have a Greener world to live in when they grow up.

Here’s some food for thought. As a Mom, you have to deal with messes, clean-ups, work, play, and stress on a daily basis. All of those things can ruin your clothes. That’s why you have those “old” jeans and shirts that you wear when you’re spending time around the house or outdoors with the kids. Why destroy any of your new, nice clothing that you paid so much at the mall for? If you buy vintage clothing, you don’t have to worry about it, for you, or your kids. Make sense?