Vintage Clothing Can Lead You to Your Soul Mate

by admin

Vintage Clothing Can Lead You to Your Soul Mate

This is a post about free expression and how it can lead to your personal happiness. How does vintage clothing help you do that? If you’re a free spirit looking for clothes that reflect the way that you think and feel then you will understand this without much in the way of an explanation. If you’re a poser just looking to fit in somewhere you don’t truly belong then this will go right over your head. This post is about originality and individualism, not conformity.

Your soul mate is the person that you will connect with on a mental, physical and spiritual level right from the very beginning. Certain philosophies and religions say that your soul mate was your companion in a previous life and that is why he or she will seem so familiar to you right away. The problem in today’s busy world is how to recognize that person when they are close. If we all look, act, and dress alike, what will distinguish one from another?

That’s where vintage clothing comes in. If you shop retail you will end up wearing basically the same thing everyone else does, not portraying any of the individuality that can reflect who you are. Vintage clothing sites and stores, with their vast selection of different styles from multiple eras, can help you create a look that will say, “This is me and I want you to see me as I am.” It’s a mode of artistic expression that you can use to reach out to other people and find kindred spirits.

Your soul mate doesn’t need to be dressed in vintage clothing to find you, but there’s a good chance that if you aren’t afraid to project your personality that they won’t be either. Sometimes the very fact that you’re wearing comfortable clothes that fit you but don’t match what others around you are wearing will make you more attractive to those who look for that self-confidence in a partner. Be yourself because if you meet that special someone and you’re posing they will pass you right by. The path to true happiness comes from doing what feels right to you and not what the world is telling you to do. Vintage clothing offers an opportunity to be different and through that very difference you will find someone who is just like you.