Vintage Obsessed

by admin

Vintage Obsessed

I wish I were able to express the passion I have for collecting vintage, playing with it and there purposing it. Since junior high schoool I have been collectioning beads, charms, gems, chains and other amazing components thatcatch my eye.
One time in Cambridge, Ma. I was in Central Square stuck in traffic and I said to my husband…"I'll be right back." Jumped out of the car because there was a Salvation Army right there in front of us! Isn't that the norm? Five minutes later I came out with a vintage bauble! I have a really great eye for unusual items and I trust my gut. I do not look for what is in vogue at that second.I have always been a trailblazer. I like colors that clash so violently that they actually go together. I mix metals in my designs. Everything is "in" if you love it, and wear it!

My girlfriends and I always went to thriftshops all over the place where we grew up. Way before it was hip. We would wear 40's sweaters that were hand embroidered backwards, amazing black Granny shoes, with long skirts and funky jewelry! And that was in junior high!

Life is way to short to take ourselves so seriously. I am a self taught jewelry designer that would never ever give up on the dream of someday owning my own little shop and selling my own one-of-a-kind designs. I would sit and stare at this adorable empty dark shop for two years, at a stop light with a For Rent sign in it. Well one walk through and it was mine!

My "regulars"appreciate the fact that I remember their names, know what they like and create custom designs. I also repair costume jewelry which people love! I could go on and on. I think the message that I want to say is …"I followed my bliss and this is where I ended up."

Mari Keating Schofield