Wardrobe Basics that Pack a Punch

by admin

Wardrobe Basics that Pack a Punch

Do you find yourself wearing the same items of clothing week after week? Chances are, these items are the foundation of your wardrobe. Constantly grabbing for the same tailored black blazer or fitted black tee can be so hum-drum. But even the most basic staples in our closets should have a little spice! Here’s eight essentials—with a sassy spin—that will take the monotony out of the everyday dressing grind.


Grey Ankle Boot



Out with the basic black boot and in with the basic grey boot! With a sleek ankle-cut shape, neutral hue, and handsome hardware trimmings, these boots will spruce up any casual ensemble. 


Colorful Skinny Jeans



Wearing the same shade of blue denim day in and day out can feel monotonous. Make your jeans the pièce de résistance of your look by choosing a soft-hued color like this peach.


Military Peplum Jacket



Leave your blazer in the boardroom. Even work wear can (and should) have a bit of interest. With a structural peplum and military embellishments, this black jacket is so chic you won't want to take it off.


Drop Shoulder Tee



A fitted tee can sometimes prove to be a bit constricting. Instead, try a relaxed variation that's slightly slouchy, hemmed longer and will hang nicely on almost any frame. 


Neon Shadow Stripe Shirt



How blasé is a bland white button up? A bright color will add some zing, and neon always does the trick. Wear it tucked into a pencil skirt for work, or tied at the waist for a casual affair. 


T-Strap Sandals



A chunky stiletto-esque heel makes these cage-like stunners anything but ordinary. Bonus: Attractive wide straps hug your feet for added comfort and stability.


Grey Handbag



Black—and every imaginable variation of brown—are the most often purchased handbag hues for everyday use. Break out of the mold with grey: This one is a cool neutral tone that's both sophisticated and unexpected. 


Lace Shorts



Jean shorts tend to be the warm-weather norm when it comes to convenience and staying cool. But, spicing up your staples is all about the details! Lace embellishment takes a pair of avarage black shorts from ordinary to fabulous. These are an excellent day-to-night piece; wear them with sandals by day and a pair of wedges at night.