Wardrobe Makeover

by admin

Wardrobe Makeover

It happens to us all—that day when you open the wardrobe and find there is nothing in there that remotely inspires you. Unless we are ruthlessly Germanic about maintaining a well managed wardrobe (and let’s face who has the time to keep THAT up?) we can so easily fall into the trap of feeling there is nothing for us to put on put that old pair of jeans—again. 

So the obvious of course is to pull the whole lot out onto the floor and sort through it. Boring but useful. I have a couple of tips for you however that really will make you look at your wardrobe in a new light.

Once you have done the obvious and sorted through what you will never wear again (and DO be quite ruthless) and you are left with a pile of clothes you promise you will get into, the next step is to give them back a little of their former appeal.

Invest in some nice new hangers, space them out in your wardrobe and ensure you leave a drawer free for some inexpensive but well needed accessories. According to my great friend and color therapist, Jules Standish, we don’t need to invest in a new wardrobe to feel rejuvenated, cleaver accessorizing is the answer.

Finding out what colors suit you can make the difference between an outfit covering you and making you stand out in a crowd. Try putting different colored scarves under your chin and look at how your face changes. Black is draining. We love it but there is no doubt it ages us and the older we get the worse we look with black up to our neck.

No reason to ditch the entire contents of your black wardrobe however as you can wear colored scarves, chunky chokers, or jackets. Play with what you have and maybe do it with a friend to get honest feedback. In fact doing this with a friend could mean a fair amount of re-cycling and swapping which is no bad thing either!

Once you have a tidied wardrobe filled with re-discovered clothes spritz it with some essential oils. There is something rather delicious about opening a well managed wardrobe that wafts geranium or lemon oil. An alternative to spritzing is to place some tissues in the wardrobe and drawers with some drops of oil on them. Step back and admire your handy work because you will not only feel rather smug, but you will certainly have a great range of clothes to choose from, accessories to play with and (hopefully) very little damage to your bank account!