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The Wardrobe Springclean

Last night I was restless. So what happens when you put a clothes and shoes obsessed shop-a-holic and restlessness together? You get a wardrobe spring clean. If anyone else is wanting to give their wardrobe the once - over I recommend this article This article separates your wardrobe into 3 categories making it more organised and easier to create combinations. In fact, after I had created 3 piles; basics, classics and trends, I started writing down combinations. I have currently written down combinations for all my dresses. This is going to save me time in the morning and save me from wearing a clashing, under-the-bar outfit. I know this is only a small project, but personally I think its going to be beneficial in the long run. I am a student and often find no time to put effort into creating outfits in the morning. Now all I have to do is open my book and see what I have chosen to go well with a particular dress, skirt or jeans. And for those shop-a-holics like me out there, its a great way to discover new ways to wear old pieces and perhaps will stop you from splurging so much. However, I also realized I need a few more pieces to complete my wardrobe to perfection.

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