We Bleed for Vampire Style

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We Bleed for Vampire Style

Vampire style…are we so obsessed with vampires that we’d actually dress to lure or emulate these gothic, mythical creatures? Well…um…YES! How many adult females do you know who read the Twilight series, the classic vampire romance between the dark brooding vamp and the innocent maiden written for teens? How many of us traipse off to see the books as movies (despite the fact that the movies are admittedly deserving of their less than stellar reviews)? Meanwhile, ratings for vamps on TV are through the roof for tube vamps onThe Vamprire Diaries and HBO’s True Blood.

Vampire style is alluring, tantalizing, and potentially devastating. Are we drawn to the idea of vampires because of their smoldering, provocative, aloof yet enticing vampire style? Is it just because they are…well, frankly, HOT? Certainly the whole practically immortal thing has something going for it…not to mention the fountain-of-youth lack of aging. No matter which vamp you favor ~ Edward, Stefan, Damon, Eric or Bill ~ sexy is synonymous with their vampire style.

If you live in eternal hope of luring your own sexy vampire, emulate the style of the sweet innocents they seem to favor. Sookie Stackhouse, of True Blood fame, has a certain purity in her style that seems to attract vamps and supes (supernatural types). Her work attire is casual, as you’d expect for a waitress at the local bar.Basic t-shirt and black shorts catch the vamp eye. Sookie prefers a pretty sundress for the warm Louisiana bayou.

Sookie likes to read a good book while sunbathing. Pick up a cute polka-dot suit & some sweet white shades. Of course, you’ll have to settle for attracting a mere mortal man (ok or a shape shifter, fairy, or other supe) as your vamp man will either sparkle in a strange way (Twilight) or burst into flames (much more common assertion – I hear vamp aficionados, yes – they exist, abhor the sparkly thing)!

Wanna be a vamp vixen? The quintessential vampire style is vamp vixen modeled below by Pam, Eric’s right hand in the HBO True Blood series. Pam’s biting humor (ha, ha) isn’t the only thing that draws attention to her. The vampire vixen obviously requires the black dress. To die for (yes, HAD to use the phrase!) cut out dresses show off the perfection of your vampire style – not to mention that fine bod. Makeup is stark but stunning with a pale foundation, a little blush, RED lips, dark eyeliner, and black mascara, Draping necklaces (no need for you to avoid silver…thank goodness because it looks so very fine with black) and shoes that make a statement (or maybe ask the question…should I kill you or kiss you?) complete your vampire style… yes, you ARE so vamp vixen.

Our vampire obsession is fairly summed up by Meg Reed Thompson,”suppose someone came to you and said you can be attractive, brilliant, wealthy, fascinating, and you can live forever. Would you turn it down?” Embrace your inner vampire style and as William Hill, in Vampire’s Kiss, suggests “enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren’t acceptable in the light.”

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