What to Buy Right Now

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What to Buy Right Now

Now that all those pesky precious friends and loved ones are taken care of, gift-wise, it’s time to focus on the person who really matters…YOU.
That’s right, treat yo’self! It’s January, which means that tons of amazing clothes are on sale in order to make room for upcoming spring collections. What should you buy for yourself right this very minute to score maximum fashion for minimum cashin’? We have some ideas. 


Coats and Outerwear



You know how coats appear in stores in August, and you think, “Who needs a coat in August?” Well, in January you do need a coat, and they’re on sale right now. It’s one of those rare instances of the universe being kind and benevolent. Score them for cheap, along with hats and gloves. Milly Doubleweave Coat, originally $595, now $297.99


Cocktail Dresses



December is a big party season, so dresses are aplenty. Now it’s “sit inside and hibernate quietly while gnawing on low-fat celery” season. Those dresses need a good home—why not yours? Cowlneck cocktail dress, originally $288, now $98.79


Gifty Accessories



Stores amass huge reserves of stocking stuffer-esque items during the holidays. If you asked for it for Christmas, chances are good that it’s on sale now. Wallet, originally $118, now $79.06





You’ll wear them for at least two more months, assuming you don’t live in Hawaii or Florida. Why not pick up a few extras? Cashmere sweater, originally $425, now $145.25


Evening Shoes



Evening shoes are pretty much a year-round thing, but for some reason they’re not popular to buy after the holidays. (Go figure.) You’ll definitely go to at least one wedding this year, right? Open-toe pumps, originally $215, now $64.50





Resist the urge to indulge in those adorable new sandals while it’s snowing outside and get yourself a pair of boots. Cute, practical, thrifty boots—snow, rain, or decorative. Steve Madden ‘Judgement’ boots, originally $189.95, now $132.99


Anything Glittery



Anything Glittery Glitter = holiday and New Year’s Eve parties = on sale in January, when no one is feeling particularly festive. Snake hoop earrings, originally $42, now $20.99


Cozy Pajamas



A big Christmas gift item, cozy PJ sets are virtually guaranteed to be on sale this time of year. Just stay away from sexy lingerie, which is gearing up for Valentine’s Day. Pajama set, originally $24.99, now $17.48