What’s the Buzz? Insect-inspired Jewelry We Love

by admin

What’s the Buzz? Insect-inspired Jewelry We Love

Creepy, crawly things don’t usually go hand in hand with great accessorizing opportunities—until now, that is. The insect-inspired accessory trend is turning our jewelry boxes into a hive of bumblebee, ladybug, beetle, and butterfly jewelry. We caught the best of this trend to help you (pun alert) stay fly this season.


Urban Outfitters Filigree Butterfly Necklace



This delicate vintage-style necklace is a beautiful way to jump in on this trend. While you'll look hot rocking it this season, this kind of classic style makes this a piece that can last in your wardrobe for years to come.


Pamela Love Bronze Spider Pendant Necklace



In most situations, you probably don't want a spider touching you. But it's definitely worth making an exception for this darling, dangly necklace. The perfect subtle accessory for setting off your favorite tops and dresses, we love this little spider.


Fly Bangle by Pim + Larkin



Incorporate a bright pop of color into your accessories with this quirky bangle. Rhinestone detailing gives the fly a girly flair, making this bracelet not only a great value, but a fabulous addition to your jewelry collection.


Target Bee Cuff Bracelet



Mirrored bees plus glitzy rhinestone detailing? This is one super-trendy statement piece at a very afforable price. Imagine how well this cuff would fit among a stack of gold bangles!

Target Bee Cuff Bracelet – Multicolored
Brand: Target
Price: $9.99
Store: Target


Minor Obsessions Gold Scarab Bracelet



This is a truly gorgeous and classically styled piece, with a cheeky nod to the bug jewelry trend. The delicate scarab beetle and thin gold chain can stand alone on your wrist, or be part of a crazy-fun arm party!


Jewelryweb 14k Enameled Ladybug Earrings



Could there be more darling earrings? These ladybug studs take us back to elementary school days—in a good way. Inconspicuous enough to pair with any outfit and perfect for those who want a smaller dose of the insect-jewelry trend.


Asos Boxchain Collar Necklace with Bug Detail



Studs, bugs, and turquoise? The unexpected recipe for a gorgeous, edgy statement necklace! Spice up a humdrum office ensemble with this edgy piece.

ASOS Boxchain Collar Necklace with Bug Detail
Brand: ASOS
Price: $30.55
Store: ASOS


Asos Bug Earrings



We never thought we'd see serious vintage-style bling in the shape of a bug! But how cute are these multi-colored baubles? Use them to bump up the glam factor with your favorite jeans and tee, or go full-on formal and wear a slinky LBD.

ASOS Bug Earrings
Brand: ASOS
Price: $20.36
Store: ASOS


Asos Dragonfly Earrings



Complementary colors and sparkly glass gems complete these eye-catching earrings. Let them be a focal point by keeping the rest of your accessories simple.

ASOS Dragonfly Earrings
Brand: ASOS
Price: $20.36
Store: ASOS


Topshop Bug and Rhinestone Ring



Give new meaning to the term 'bling ring' and grab this funky bug ring from Topshop! This accessory gives you a very easy way to try out the cool insect trend–a ring is simple to incorporate into any outfit.

Topshop Bug and Rhinestone Ring
Brand: Freedom by Topshop
Price: $12.00
Store: Topshop