When a New Jewelry Brand Hits the Market

by admin

When a New Jewelry Brand Hits the Market

Jewelry is an accessory every women has – punks, rock chic, preppy, jock, goth, bohemian whatever the style of choice there is a style of jewelry to match. It seems to be a crowded marketplace since every time a fashion magazine is opened there is a brand of jewelry thrust in your face. These ads look good though, not like a deodorant ad. The advertisement sparkles with diamonds, glitter and color attracting ladies like birds to something shiny. Is that such a bad thing? Hardly not.

When a new brand comes on the block it gets everyone's attention. Jamie Bentley is a new fashion jewelry line from Canada presented in fancy boutique form. The real meaning of "boutique" is a politically correct way of saying "too small to have huge inventory" which is the case for this new brand since it's family owned.

Staring a jewelry company requires baby steps – unless it comes from a huge corporation but in this case, Jamie Bentley is the child of a couple in Canada and still in it's infant years. Is Jamie Bentley a real person? No it's a jewelry store from a hard working couple who like myself does not have children so business is how they take their time.

JamieBentley.com has great potential, the brand is beautiful and the necklace, earrings, rings and bracelet collections are very interesting. To try to categorize Jamie Bentley jewelry into a certain format may be difficult since it seem a little of everything is represented here but it makes sense in the grander scheme of things – you're new on the block and don't have a footing in the fashion retail industry yet so the brand personality is in it's infancy.

Give them some time and this brand will soon be one of the hottest out there. The concept of online stores is better in some respects then home parties since you can buy online at anytime and as far as Canadian shipping rates go, it's quite reasonable however the only down side is you can't see it in person.

The positive side about online shopping? Prices are much, much lower since the overhead costs are a fraction of a real store or even home party so the company can pass these savings on to the customer. One day home parties may be in the future but for now, JamieBentley.com needs time to flourish, and flourish it will!