When the Silly Bandz Fad Fades

by admin

When the Silly Bandz Fad Fades

It’s the rage, Silly Bandz are collected by the hundreds!

If you have a child over the age of four, you probably have Silly Bandz in your house too. For the uninitiated, Silly Bandz are colored rubber band bracelets that come in different shapes:  zoo animals, farm animals, pets, dresses, magic wands … you name it. I even saw one in the shape of the Statue of Liberty. They are affordable (between $2.99 for a packet of twenty-four to $5.99 for the glow-in-the-dark or tie-dye style), and can be purchased at your local corner Walgreens, CVS, or pharmacy. My daughter recently cashed in a month’s worth of her allowance for five different packs and has been trading them with her friends all summer. A friend of mine said Silly Bandz have been outlawed in her son’s elementary school because the trading has become too disruptive. So, if they are so popular now, you can guess what is coming; they’ll be uncool in another week or month as another affordable product becomes the “in” thing to have.  

And then I am left with about two hundred Silly Bandz floating around my house that I must either do something with or throw away. Thus, the point of my blog today: Ten great ideas for what to do with Silly Bandz when the trend has passed:

  1. Ponytail holder: If you have long hair, they are great substitutes for the average holder. They do not pull on your hair and last for at least a week or two (depending on the frequency of use) before snapping. I figure, once my daughter is no longer interested in her collection, I will be set for the rest of the year. As long as you don’t mind having florescent, tie-dye, or glow-in-the-dark ponytail holders. Think about the money you save. 
  2. Business-card/playing-card holders.
  3. Trash tie.
  4. Close bags of bread when you can’t find the little plastic tabs.
  5. Container holders: Wrap around plastic containers when you packed just a bit too much leftovers and can’t get the lid on without some assistance. You can even color or style code the Bandz based on the type of leftover you are saving: Example: a pig Silly Band for pork chop leftovers, anyone?
  6. Carabiner: Because they can stretch, I use them to hook onto my daughter’s backpack whenever she wants to bring her water bottle to school.
  7. Doggie-poop bag holder: Wrap some around your plastic bags and the dog leash when taking the dog for a walk.
  8. Emergency jump rope. (Stretching it a bit aren’t I?)
  9. Holding pens and pencils together in your purse.
  10. Bookmark: Makes a colorful and creative bookmark.

I asked some friends who offered useful and not-so-useful suggestions. Right now, I am not too thrilled with the whole “use it as an anklet” suggestion. I have learned that Silly Bandz just don’t go well with a business suit—even if the suit is color and shape (dress Silly Band) coordinated. 

So, can you please help me out? Are there other suggestions for what I can do with the two hundred-plus bands?