Which Online Consignment Store Is Right for You?

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Which Online Consignment Store Is Right for You?

The online consignment store concept is beautiful for two reasons. One: You can buy clean, stylish clothing at remarkably discounted prices without the mess of digging through a consignment shop. And two: If you have clothes that you never wore or have barely worn and that just sit in your closet, you can sell them for cash and often store credit. Check out the services offered by these online consignment stores to see which one best fits your buying and selling needs.





Poshmark is all about the thrill of the shop. With the option to follow other users' closets, upload items to sell with a free phone app, and attend daily themed Posh Parties, Poshmark makes it easy to find that perfect item or sell your pre-loved clothing. The shopping is fun, the shipping is free, and the styles are to die for!





Twice is the secondhand store for women who love handbags and quality brand clothing. They have an extensive list of brands they accept and sell, and they really like to give their customers a great selection of classic brand pieces. Send in your used clothes to be sold and get paid in two days. If you're buying, your purchase has been inspected by the Twice team. Bonus: Returns are always accepted!





ThredUP accepts about 50 percent of the things they receive from sellers. As a buyer, you're getting deals up to 90 percent off original price. It's a great place to shop and sell if you're a mom; ThredUP buys and sells women's and children's clothing, shoes, and accessories! If you're curious about their selling policies, check your clothing with their clothing calculator.





If you're looking for an online consignment store that gives you a little more control over your sale items, try Threadflip. They call themselves a social marketplace, and their users create profiles where they can sell items by taking pictures and adding them directly to the site. You can make an offer to see if you can get the piece for an even better steal. But if you need a little reassurance that you are buying quality items, Threadflip's optional Full Service program is there to help. Sellers can send their items to Full Service, which ensures that each is top quality and marks items at a fair price. Think of it as Threadflip's stamp of approval.


The Attic



The Attic does it all: buy, sell, and trade designer and vintage finds on this cool site. They have brick-and-mortar locations, too. But the stuff you buy online is exclusively online. Their selection also includes vintage home decor. So if you're looking to add a retro vibe or just some really sweet designer clothes to your life, check it out.





Dresm is the hands-off consignment store for women, men, and kids. They give you the reins with your own little online storefront to sell your gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories. Dresm says their site is a place to sell clothing that's too nice for Goodwill but won't get picked up by consignment stores, which can sometimes be picky.





If you're a gal on the go who keeps her phone glued to her side, consider giving Modabound a try. This consignment store app lets you snap a quick picture of your clothing item and post it for your community to see. This method requires a meet-up because you're selling locally, which will ensure that you're satisfied with your sale or purchase. This means no shipping fees and no listing fees from the website!