Why I Love Color

by admin

Why I Love Color

I love color! Color inspires emotion, it can make us happy or sad, confident or uncomfortable. It can increase heart rates and stir passions.

All color is created from an assortment of primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. It is amazing to think that all colors in the world are created from this simple pallet.
Color makes a powerful impression. Color, or the lack of it, sends a potent message.

It is important to realize that the human brain requires a sense of order or it will not take in a message from the object it sees. If too many colors are used, the viewer can become visually confused and may reject the image. If there is a lack of color, boredom may result. And, of course, the right color combinations can be as important as each individual color.

Knowing which colors are best for you is key in making a lasting, good impression. Everyone can wear any color, as long as the base tone of that color compliments the individual. Some look best in yellow or warm tones and others look best in cool or blue tones. Once you know this, you will always look your very best. You will be free from fad fashion colors because if you do not wear yellow or warm tones you will not be tempted to buy a turquoise blouse. You will buy the cobalt blue blouse and look stunning. Ruth Bruno, Images