Why I Love Neiman Marcus

by admin

Why I Love Neiman Marcus

Yeah, it’s pricey. Yeah, it’s over the top fashion wise frequently. Yeah, one can occasionally buy the same thing for less at Macys, Nordstroms, or even Ross. But here’s the deal. Try something on at Macy’s in the tiny cubicle with barely enough room to turn around. Look at yourself in the mirror. Blah, right? At Ross, you go into an open area without even the curtained cubicle and try on your item. Getting partially nude in front of other people is what I would imagine should be worth money.

At Neiman Marcus, I go into a dressing room that is actually a room. There are chairs, there are tables, there is a wall of mirrors, there is great lighting. You can actually see what the clothing looks like on you. Too small, wrong color? No problem, the helpful sales woman will bring you the correct size or color. Just isn’t what you were looking for? Tell the sales woman what you are looking for. She will find it and bring it to you.

If you are wearing the wrong shoes, they will bring you shoes that will compliment the dress or outfit. Does it need a scarf or a piece of jewelry to finish it off? That will be brought to you as well. I’ve even had a sales lady bring me another bra when a strapless dress required one.

A couple of years ago, I took my gorgeous DIL (daughter in law) Kate shopping for her birthday present. She was turning forty (although she looks thirty), having a party and wanted “just the perfect dress.” She was more inclined to go to Macys, or Nordstroms, but I insisted on Neiman and I’m glad I did.

Kate is a blond, with a lovely figure and the prettiest chest area I’ve ever seen. She has four children and spends minimal time on herself. Finding the perfect dress for her was a quest for me. She must have tried on fifteen dresses. Some were okay, some too big, some too small, some just not her style. The sales woman didn’t get discouraged. The right dress was out there! How much easier to find something when you don’t have to keep putting back on your clothes to go grab something else.

The perfect dress was brought to us. Kate slipped it on and we both said, “Oh my God!” This is it! This is the one! This is perfection! Frankly, it was not the most expensive dress Kate had tried on, but it was the one that fit her like a glove, showed off all her best features, and made her feel as beautiful as she looked.

No Macy’s or other department store can match the service and the gorgeous dressing rooms that can be had at Neiman Marcus. I don’t shop often, but if it’s special, it’s NM for me!