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16 Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Will Make You Look Cute AF

You can only have a holly jolly holiday if you're dressed like Clark Griswold on Christmas Eve. It's time to break out the ugliest, most horrendously cheery Christmas apparel around, and we've found the best sweaters to help you ring in the season with all the bells and whistles (literally).

Have A Pugly Christmas, $27.99

1 / 16


Pay homage to your favorite canine (and Christmas) with this adorably ugly sweater. It even has sequins, so you can wear it to ~fancy~ events.

To buy: $27.99,

Photo: Target

I'm Sorry I Crammed Cookies In The VCR, $26

2 / 16


To quote Buddy The Elf: "I'm sorry I crammed 11 cookies in the VCR." We hope you don't do the same unless this sweater brings out the worst in you (also, who still owns a VCR?).

To buy: $26,

Photo: NylonShop

Oh Holey Night, $21.50

3 / 16


The stars are brightly shining, and you'll look equally as stunning in this punny sweatshirt. What better excuse to bring a dozen donuts to your Christmas gathering?

To buy: $21.50,

Photo: TeesAndTankYou

Santa's Breaking The Internet, $55

4 / 16


Remember when Kim K broke the internet? Well, the big guy in red is outdoing her this year in this hilarious ugly sweater sure to offend some of your family members.

To buy: $55,

Photo: TipsyElves

Gangsta Wrapper, $19.99

5 / 16


All right, nobody likes wrapping holiday gifts (and if you do, who even are you?). Time to channel Santa's little helpers to help you get the job done in an extraordinarily ugly sweater.

To buy: $19.99,

Photo: JCPenney

Light It Up Like A Christmas Tree, $54

6 / 16


The only thing shining brighter than your strings of Christmas lights is you, which is why Santa has to wear his shades on this freaking cute ugly sweater.

To buy: $54,

Photo: Kohls

You Go Glen Coco(a), $19.99

7 / 16


Four for you, Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco! And none for Gretchen Weiners, bye! Who wouldn't want to wear this holiday sweatshirt year round?

To buy: $19.99,

Photo: TeesAndTankYou

Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle, $42

8 / 16


In the spirit of the holidays, everyone knows the more embellishments on an ugly sweater, the better. This one even has real tinsel your grandma might mistake for her own!

To buy: $42,

Photo: Belk

The Holiday Narwhal Sweater Of Your Dreams, $55

9 / 16


Narwhals are the unofficial mascots of the holidays, believe it or not. This dorky but cute sweater even features a friendly narwhal and his new penguin companion. Does it get any weirder?

To buy: $55,

Photo: TipsyElves

Oh (Rein)Deer, $17.88

10 / 16


Who doesn't like to dress up the pooches for the holidays? If your dog just won't throw you a bone this year, wear this cute sweater instead and receive more compliments than your precious Christmas canine.

To buy: $17.88,

Photo: Walmart

Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe, $24.90

11 / 16


If that extra special someone you have in mind just isn't getting the holiday hint, you might have to wear this sequined sweater to get his or her attention under the mistletoe.

To buy: $24.90,

Photo: Forever 21

A Vintage Holiday Cardigan For Every Future Christmas, $34

12 / 16


It's true. Your grandma or even your crazy aunt really do have the best holiday style, whether you like to admit it or not. This vintage cardigan comes with brass buttons and knitted designs with all your favorite Christmas characters for extra seasonal fun.

To buy: $34,

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Feeling Fab-Yule-Ous, $28

13 / 16


Sometimes you have to tell the whole world how you're feeling. Wear your holiday spirit on your sleeve with this festive and punny sweatshirt.

To buy: $28,

Photo: ASOS

Till The Penguins Sing Christmas Carols, $20

14 / 16


Have a cool Yule in this singing penguin sweater sure to put you at the center of attention at your holiday party. You might have to sing a round of karaoke in this getup, fair warning.

To buy: $20,

Photo: Charlotte Russe

Your Llama Says You Ugly, $29.95

15 / 16


Forget reindeer and forest creatures, llamas can be just as festive as your standard holiday farm animal fare. Look, this llama even has his own scarf to match your equally ugly sweater.

To buy: $29.95,

Photo: Wet Seal

Baa Humbug, $31

16 / 16


Celebrate your inner (cute) Scrooge with this clever sheep sweater. You'll be the head of your pack in this holiday outfit for sure.

To buy: $31,

Photo: ASOS

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