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JNCO Jeans Are Officially Making A Huge (And Wide-Legged) Comeback

Every true millennial remembers (or regrets) their JNCO jeans phase. If you didn't rock these billowing, baggy jeans, you had no street cred whatsoever.

If you thought the end of 2016 also meant the end of the '90s fashion revival, we're here to prove you very, very wrong. While we think it's impossible to hate every 1990s trend, some were definitely more opposed to JNCO jeans than others, and some people wore them every damn day of the week.

Yep, we're calling it now: JNCO jeans are making a long-awaited (or long non-awaited) comeback, and you might just have to try them out now if you never did back in the 20th century. While the brand is by no means as big as it used to be, their jeans are definitely back and potentially bigger and wider than ever.


Did you have a JNCO crew back in the day? Tag them here!

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Bring back any buried memories? Denim was clearly the most beloved fabric of the '90s, and wide-legged JNCO jeans told everyone you weren't to be messed with (and you also never let your shoes see the light of day). How these jeans didn't get scuffed up beyond all recognition is clearly anyone's guess. And if you tripped in these babies, may the universe have mercy on your uncool soul.


Ladies, skinny jeans are overrated. Why fit in when you could stand out?

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How you convinced your mother to purchase you a pair of these denim gauchos is still a mystery. JNCO used to be a clothing staple at nearly every 1990s mall, though the brand now primarily sells its products online. Today, your not-so-average pair runs for about $69.


These Black Hypnotix jeans feature a 32" leg opening and even pay homage to those beachy Cali waves. You'll earn bonus points from us if you rock these with platform shoes and heavy amounts of bling.

So, do you think you'll break out your vintage pair of JNCOs? Or better yet, invest in an entirely new pair sure to make you the talk of the skate park.

Bethany Lozier

Bethany is a content creation guru at the Meredith Corporation. Her main passions include fangirling over Leonardo DiCaprio, French culture and fashion. When not perusing the Internet or writing, she can be found reading magazines and socializing with the best of 'em.

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