For Fear of Fashion

by admin

For Fear of Fashion

Fashion is scary for most of us. Especially high fashion—it is most certainly not for the faint of heart.

I was in Manhattan a few weeks ago and noticed that I dressed in a completely different way. The standard for me lately has been jeans, a t-shirt or something similar and boots. The same boots almost everyday. Once I got to New York it was so refreshing to be somewhere that gave me the freedom to take more risks. Not only that, but I had left my everyday grind which consists of working over the phone and e-mail, moving around boxes and not seeing anyone but co-workers.

Why are so many of us, including myself, scared of stepping out? There are many reasons that we slack on getting dressed. Typically it just doesn’t feel practical. We’re moms or lazy or busy or whatever.

Is it possible to step out every day taking risks? I hope so! Since I’ve gotten back from New York I’ve made my best attempt to wear something different from the norm. If you’re wondering, I’m doing horrible at it so far. I probably have success two days of the week.

High fashion is my personal passion; it’s more abstract. Obviously, most of us can’t walk around looking like we stepped off the pages of Vogue, but we can look put together and take a few risks! My personal form of high fashion incorporates the conceptual with the everyday. For example:

  • Avoid black/brown/navy tights or leggings. Go for bold, intense colors like green, orange, blue, etc.
  • Have a blouse with a unique print? Pair it with some tattered short shorts and fun high heels or flats.
  • Simple dress? Go for bold, exciting jewelry. Always put on one thing that makes a statement. 

Come on, ladies! Let’s go for bold.