Festive Fourth of July Outfits That Aren’t Tacky AF

by admin

Festive Fourth of July Outfits That Aren’t Tacky AF

It's the most wonderful time of the year—Christmas, who?—the Fourth of July! Nothing beats soaking up the summer sun with friends and family, eating patriotic foods, and watching fireworks. Maybe the days when you would wear a star-spangled snapback hat are over, or maybe you just want an Independence Day outfit that's both festive and classy—either way, we've got some outfit ideas that'll scream 'Merica without feeling tacky.


White Jeans



White jeans are the perfect way to bring a bit of class to the Fourth of July. Pair them with a red or blue top and fun shoes, like wedges or heeled sandals.

We adore how Caitlyn from Southern Curls and Pearls styled her outfit with dangly white earrings, stacked bracelets, and a red purse.


Gingham Dress



Hit up your local Goodwill or the clearance racks at the mall to look for a flirty dress in red or blue. Especially if it’s a hot summer day, a dress will keep you looking and feeling cool.

Keep it simple with slip-on sandals, or dress it up with wedges. Julia from Gal Meets Glam looks like she’s heading to a picnic or barbeque with her woven tote bag.


Pops of Color



Grab your favorite pair of blue jeans and a plain white tee, and you’ve got half an outfit ready to go.

Emily from The Sweetest Thing Blog added a festive flare to her outfit with a blue flannel and cherry red flats. Even if you don’t have the right accessories for pops of color, you can always rock a red lip or a blue mani using what you already have.





Pause everything and look at those SHOES. We’re dying to get ourselves a pair of espadrilles like Emily’s from Ivory Lane. Her shoes give this striped dress a laid-back, summery vibe that’s perfect for a Fourth of July dinner party or brunch with friends.

Emily’s bag also makes a star-spangled statement and matches her ruby red lipstick.


Red Jumpsuit



The best thing about a jumpsuit is that you have your entire outfit (top and bottom) without much extra thought. Now all you need is a good pair of shoes (we love Kayla’s heeled sandals) and jewelry (like her long statement necklace).


Jeans & Bandanas



As simple as it sounds, jeans and bandanas work great as a festive Independence Day outfit. You could probably buy a bandana from the craft store with the change you collect at the bottom of your purse. Pick out a red, white, or blue one and pair it with a simple tee. Not sure how to wear it? Here are 14 creative ways to wear a bandana.


Floral Dress



Floral prints are always in, and this July, you can sport them in all-American colors. Look for a simple dress with a solid color pattern, like this royal blue rendition of flowers. Throw on a red lip (or grab a festive mug, like Cait’s from Southern Curls and Pearls) and you’re fireworks-ready.


Beachy Romper



With a romper this fun, you’ll fit right in whether you’re celebrating at the beach or in the backyard. Take the stress away from piecing together an outfit and opt for a romper instead.

Julia from Gal Meets Glam gave her romper a festive vibe by sporting a red lip and nails. We’re also loving her laid-back hat, perfect for keeping the sun out of your face.


Sassy Crop Top



Just because your snapback days are over doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with croppies. This crop top on Silvia is the perfect balance between festive and chic. Pairing it with a midi-length skirt and sturdy heels shows off how much of a lady boss you are, even while celebrating America.


Everyday Look



If painting an American flag on your face and spray-painting your hair blue doesn’t sound appealing to you, maybe this outfit will. Courtney from Champagne and City Lights styled an outfit that’s red, white, and blue without being overbearing. Simply throw on a good pair of jeans, find a red top you love, and couple it with your favorite pair of shoes. She’s wearing heeled sandals, but you could pull off the look with sneakers or flats, too.


Scalloped Shorts



Sometimes it’s too hot for pants, but you still want to look put-together. Well here’s your answer: scalloped shorts. These shorts will keep you feeling breezy under the July sun, but the scalloped edges still give off a classy, grown-up vibe. Pick some in a vibrant red or blue hue and pair them with a flowy white tunic, like Caitlyn from Southern Curls and Pearls.


Flowy Skirt



If you aren’t afraid of being loud and proud in red, white, and blue, check out this outfit from Merrick’s Art. She pairs a navy gingham top with a bright red skirt (being fearless with her color combinations certainly paid off). If you decide to do this, be sure to pick shades that compliment one another, like navy and red or blue and maroon, so the outfit still feels grown-up.





Give this childish staple an adult spin like Kayla from Kayla’s 5 Things. She tied a red flannel around the light wash jean overalls to create a festive Fourth of July look. Afraid of looking like a kid? Here’s how to wear overalls like a damn adult.


Off-The-Shoulder Dress



Off-the-shoulder tops are all the rage, and this no-shoulder white dress is to-die-for, especially for Independence Day. The subtle red trim makes this dress perfect for eating hot dogs and lighting sparklers on the Fourth (not to mention the adorable pictures you’ll be able to snag). Rock a cool pair of sunnies and a pom-pom purse to complete the outfit.


Graphic Tee



Skirts and dresses not your thing? No worries! Pick up a t-shirt with a cute saying on it, like Caitlyn’s “stars and stripes” tee. Then all you need is a pair of shorts and some sandals or sneakers.


One-Shoulder Romper



If you really want to stand out, look for a fun romper that’s totally unique, like this one-shoulder ruffled romper from Styling Your Life Pretty. We like how the color scheme isn’t just red, white, and blue, but also gold and baby pink. Throw on some gold accessories and you’re holiday-ready.


Jean Skirt



Everything about this outfit gives us major heart-eyes. Take a simple jean skirt and dress it up with an off-the-shoulder top and colored mules. A crossbody bag completes this chic, festive look.


Dressed-Up Flannel



Take out one of your old flannels and revamp it with the right accessories. Emily tucks her red flannel into white shorts, and classes it up with nude wedges. We’re so wishing we had those gold accessories and perfect purse (we’ll take the dog too, while we’re at it).


Maxi Dress



A maxi dress is the perfect option for a summery barbeque or family get-together. Plus, it hides the food baby you’ll get from all those sweets. Look for one in a shade of red or even floral print like these adorable twins from K||C Double Take.


Denim Shirt



You can never go wrong with denim, and we think this dress and denim combo screams Fourth of July. Find a comfy shirtdress or bodycon with a red pattern, and top it with a denim shirt or jacket like Julia from Gal Meets Glam. You’re fireworks-ready!