Fly Gear for Fly Divas

by admin

Fly Gear for Fly Divas

After years of continuous travel, we’re still boggled at what people decide is appropriate to wear on airplanes. Just absolutely boggled. The sweatpants and the stiletto mules (often on the same person), the ratty flip-flops, the micro-minis. It hurts even to think about it. Granted, finding comfortable and stylish flight gear is no easy feat, but we’ve found a couple pieces where form and function finally meet fashion!

Saint Grace makes the most comfortable knit bottoms … hands down! We live and die by the Carol wide leg pant with the fold over waist. Plus, the neutral colors match just about every tee in your closet!

As for footwear, we’re a big fan of flats not only because of their inherent comfort, but also because you can easily slip them on and off during the security check. We love these athletic-inspired flats from Diesel—super cute and comfy! And make sure you slip on some peds underneath to protect your tootsies from the icky floor.

Carry all your in-flight essentials in a spacious Harajuku Lovers tote bag. We’re obsessed with the adorable pattern on the front of the Candy Tote in Expensive Taste.

All in all, try for clothes that are stylish, comfy, and resistant to wrinkles; turbulence can be rough, you know? Now, all you have to worry about is booking your trip.