Follow Up to Story “Hair by Jehr”

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Follow Up to Story “Hair by Jehr”

I was very impressed with Amanda’s story on the stylist we both share, & I wish to add my own remarks. Though I am a bit older than Amanda, I too feel a new woman thanks to Jehr’s remarkable skills. I have had the pleasure of sitting for his ‘cuts’ the past 4 years at his salon in San Francisco. Such a cool space!

Over many decades, I have spent tremendous time and money on my hair, always searching for that perfect cut that would be, for me, the perfect look.

I have found it. I was introduced to Jehr, thanks to the editor of a prominent California magazine who is an acquaintance and neighbor of mine writing up her styling by Jehr for her magazine Gentry. It was thrilling as he transformed the way I saw myself. Jehr’s skills with the tools of his trade keeps me looking and feeling my best and most confident. The hair is perfect from the moment I leave his space until the next appointment. I am always so excited for that day!

I am a natural woman who loves sports and the outdoor life. I don’t like to fuss & my hair is paramount to my appearance and success. I give Jehr all the credit.

I must add that I recently got the career job I have always dreamed of. I am a bike guide in the California Wine Country, & I have to be able to step out in the morning ready to be active and look good all day. My hair is very much a part of who I am.

Thank you Jehr!