Foreheadbands: WTF?

by admin

Foreheadbands: WTF?

Why didn’t anybody tell me about Woodstock 2009?! I love music festivals! Wait … there was no Woodstock 2009? Then why in the groovy world have women been walking around with headbands around their foreheads for like, over a year?

My theory is this: in an effort to prove that the masses will clamor over anything celebrities are seen wearing, a sociologist enlisted a few young starlets to help revive a look that went out of style over forty years ago. As predicted, once Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton hit the red carpet looking like fans of The Mamas & the Papas circa 1965, headbands suddenly became foreheadbands.

In addition to being extremely uncomfortable (I admit, I tried it once in front of the mirror), this trend is recklessly unoriginal and comes with some serious risks. If you live somewhere sunny, you’re likely to develop a tan line directly across your forehead. Nice. And if that bad boy happens to break during one of your seventy-two trips to the bathroom to readjust it, what other options do you have? Your foreheadband will surely have left an unsightly dent in your hair, and it’s not going anywhere until your next shampoo.

Thankfully, there are other sixties-inspired trends to revel in that are much more reasonable. It’s okay to channel your inner flower child, just do so responsibly. A long, flowing dress? Check. A pair of denim trousers? Beautiful. Wearing a foreheadband? WTF?

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