Forever in Blue Jeans

by admin

Forever in Blue Jeans

There is nothing better to gaze upon than a cute guy in blue jeans. I was in college in the early 1980s when Bruce Springsteen was dancing in the dark in his blue jeans (and how many of us would have loved to have been the girl he was dancing with?!!) and showing all of us that a cute guy in Levi’s is something to behold.

Life changes. We go on. But I still cannot resist checking out a cute guy in blue jeans. And I am guessing that many of you reading feel the same. The way someone moves in blue jeans tells you quite a bit about them. 

Checking out my closet reveals I have either cute summer clothes, you know those great little dresses that slide right over your head in the heat of summer, shorts which I live in, really fancy clothes and blue jeans. I have running around blue jeans, look-fantastic blue jeans, Saturday night blue jeans, skinny blue jeans and of course, everyday blue jeans. I also have two blue jean jackets. It’s pretty clear that I really love my blue jeans.

There seems to be a pattern here.

A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that while I have all these different types of blue jeans, I still struggled with how I looked in them. Add to that, I simply live in work-out clothes. I rarely wear make-up and my hair; I am ashamed to say, is usually in a pony-tail. Now, Jodie Foster has said she lives in work-out clothes, so I’m in good company. But I never really look all pulled-together. And if I ever do pull myself together, it doesn’t feel totally comfortable.

I decided to do something about it. One day at the pool, I talked with my friend Joy, who always looks pulled together. We joked about a “uniform”, you know, something you feel really comfortable in and you have a few pairs of. For example, she suggested I find jeans I really like, great black pants and t-shirts or tops that I really felt good in. Oh, and don’t forget the boots.

Boots? Okay, so I pruned my closet. I tossed everything I haven’t worn in a while, really didn’t fit (even if I liked the idea of it) or seriously was so out-dated. I kept no emotional clothing. Whew. Felt good.

Then, I paid attention. To what other people wore wearing, here, in magazines, on TV, my friends.

And last, I went shopping. My friend Annie recommended going to Cache. She told me she walks in and says, “This is what I need” and she always walks out happy. I thought I’d give a small boutique a try. I headed over one day, in work-out clothes and was pleased to find a young woman only too happy to dress me up. I have to be honest; the white jeans with the brown beads going down the side really weren’t me. The really tight sweaters also didn’t do it for me. I liked HOW the jeans fit, but not what they were. And the tight sweaters just weren’t going to work.

No problem. Maelani brought me the magic jeans.

So, I am standing in the dressing room and she brings me a pair of jeans (that cost more than I’ve ever spent on two pairs of jeans), a camisole (haven’t worn one of those since babies) and a champagne colored sweater (I always buy black).

I loved it.

The entire look completely worked for me. The sweater complimented my skin and the camisole didn’t hug me. And the jeans… Well, let me just say, they are magic. They are amazing. They are cute and I look like Carrie Bradshaw. I couldn’t believe it. I had been searching for this pair of jeans my entire life. They fit me as if the designer had said, “Let’s make a pair of jeans for a woman who lives in the suburbs, has kids and other worries, works out, likes to eat dessert and isn’t a stick figure anymore.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the jeans in the mirror.

I took a deep breath.

“Do you always have these jeans or do I need to buy more than one pair?” I asked. They assured me that they always carry jeans from many vendors, and that they did indeed always have these.

On my way out, I also stopped in to check out some new make-up. Seriously, my make-up is years old. Time to update. And I did, in a very inexpensive way that I feel really good about. Apparently the look right now is very natural which totally suits my low-maintenance look and lifestyle. I can handle this.

The last part will be inside. You know, the talking to me part. (I do this often and as long as I don’t answer myself, I figure I am okay.) I think the more I pull myself together, actually take a shower, put make-up on, and wear clothing other than work-out clothing, the more natural it will begin to feel. I’ve always felt I had “a style”. Now, maybe I will have style. I already have the confidence of the magic jeans.

When I saw Joy at the pool a few days later after sorting things through, she was very excited I had found the jeans and other clothing I was looking for.

She told me not to forget the boots.