Get the Look: Katie Holmes Casual Fall Look

by admin

Get the Look: Katie Holmes Casual Fall Look

Katie Holmes will always be Joey Potter in my book, and this outfit is totally channeling the girl who lived down the creek. The slouchy sweater and trendy boots bring the denim skirt out of thrift store obscurity. Hoping to channel an outfit fit to get you Dawson and Pacey? Check out our picks for getting the look!

Grey Hat
Wide-brimmed hats aren't just for church at Easter or sunbathing on the beach. A grey felt hat paired with dark sunglasses can make you look like a sleek and stylish diva or a celebrity going incognito—both are favorable options.

Loose Sweater
It may look like you stole it from a guy friend, but a good loose grey sweater can be dressed up or dressed down without looking like a walk of shame (or honor). Take a note from Katie and tuck a front piece of the sweater into your belt line to better define your waist.

Denim Skirt
Denim skirts may bring up scary memories of floor-length skirts and mini skirts with Ugg boots. But before you run for the hills, or a sequin pair of Uggs, try a dark wash skirt that ends directly above the knee. The dark wash makes the skirt more modern and the length keeps your business covered without wrapping you in a denim blanket.

Bright Boots
Berry undertones give a warm dimension to brunette hair for fall. Luckily, boot-makers caught on and did the same thing for shoes. A pair of boots with a pop of berry color brighten up the muted colors in this outfit.

Slouchy Bag
A bag should always reflect the overall attitude of an outfit. This relaxed fall uniform deserves a slouchy bag with different strap options.