Get the Look: Miranda Kerr’s Fall Maxi Dress Style

by admin

Get the Look: Miranda Kerr’s Fall Maxi Dress Style

Miranda Kerr was recently spotted at LAX in a chic striped maxi and denim jacket. Get her look with our stylish picks!

Miranda Kerr knows how to fly in style. The model was recently seen at LAX in a comfy striped maxi dress, denim jacket, and printed scarf. Luckily you don't need the figure of a Victoria's Secret model to copy her look—you just need these five pieces!

Denim Jacket
Airplanes can get freezing, even in the middle of summer, and no one wants to shiver through an entire flight. A denim jacket like Miranda's will keep you warm and it's structured enough to pull together an outfit. Tuck it through the straps of your tote when you don't need it on. 

Stripe Maxi Dress
A maxi dress with diagonal stripes is flattering on all body shapes, but horizontal stripes are just as chic. A tie waist helps give Miranda's dress a bit of shape, too. You can always replace a tie belt with a gold-plate belt for a trendier look. Just don't forget to take it off when you go through security! 

Printed Scarf
Add some easy pattern mixing to your outfit with a cute printed scarf. Not only does it add a dose of color and style to your outfit, it’s another layer you can wrap up in on the plane ride! It doesn’t take up much room in your tote, either, if you want to put it away when you get where you’re going. 

Flat Sandals
You don’t want to be limping through security in hard-to-walk-in pumps, sandals with a million buckles, or flip flops that will slip right off while you’re walking. Keep your shoes simple—Miranda’s flat sandals with edgy embellishments are the perfect pair.

Black Tote
An oversized black tote holds everything you need to fly and looks sleek with any airport outfit. A black leather tote is the perfect basic. Longer straps will make your tote bag easier to lug through the airport, and it should still fit under the seat in front of you.