Get the Look: Naomi Watts

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Get the Look: Naomi Watts

Running errands? Toting tots? No reason not to look good. Steal some style tips from busy mom and actress Naomi Watts.


Naomi Watts: Street Style



Naomi Watts scared our proverbial trousers off in Mulholland Drive and The Ring. She charmed us in I Heart Huckabees. Now she makes us want to go shopping. Seek out these pieces to get her casual, kicking-around-town look.


Gap Striped Top



Gap hit it out of the park again with this striped top. The boat neck and three-quarter sleeves make our hand reach for our credit card. Our hand is dangerous when left unattended.


Gap Black Skinny Jeans



Super soft and super flattering, these black skinny jeans from Gap are 47 percent* less uncomfortable than 83 percent of jeans already in your closet. 

*All statistics imaginary


Asos Patent Flat Sandals



Shiny black T-bar sandals are perfect for spring. Or for February if you happen to live in California. (Sorry, everyone not in California.) 


Asos Sunglasses



Sunglasses with star power, because everyone can use a little star power to shield their eyes.