Gimme a Mini Backpack or Gimme Death! The Trends Back Then

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Gimme a Mini Backpack or Gimme Death! The Trends Back Then

It was the night before the second day of seventh grade. Dinner had been eaten and teeth had been brushed. I was begging, pleading, and promising months of made beds and clean bathrooms for one coveted item. “Mom, I want, need, and have to have a mini-backpack!” Summer was over and the fall trends were in; going back to school without that ten-inch sack of trendiness draping my pubescent shoulders was social suicide of the highest order. 

Around 8:30 p.m. my mom finally acquiesced, changed out of her floral flannel robe, and chauffeured me into the mall. Breathless and sweaty, with less than thirty minutes until the mall closed its doors, I frantically sprinted into Claire’s and selected a black mini backpack with a tan faux-suede front flap. I was euphoric. I was trendy. I was so Cher Horowitz from Clueless

The next day I sauntered into homeroom with my new mini backpack. I draped it on my desk and gingerly pulled out my new maribou-topped pencil and felt pretty damn cool. 

Shockingly, the mini backpack trend only lasted a few months. Even more shockingly, some not-as-cool girls held on to theirs for months, years, and even decades later. While my mini backpack did not ensure I was the first one to get asked to dance when “End of the Road” blasted over the speakers or even carry that much of my stuff, it made me feel like I fit in. As superficial as that sounds, isn’t that all any middle schooler really needs in life? 

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