Gravity Defying Shapewear to Combat Muffin-Top Season

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Gravity Defying Shapewear to Combat Muffin-Top Season

Bubble butt and big boobs trends come and go, but being thin is always in. Since weve retired our flowy summer dresses, and skinny jeans weather is already here here, its too late for WeightWatchers or gym time. It’s time for last-resortsaka shapewear. While cruising the mall for fat jeans this weekend, I stumbled upon Ardyss International shapewear. Screw the squat position, this shapewear, albeit a bit uncomfortable, totally works.

In the dressing room, I saw my waist shrink to a size zero. Literally. But buyer’s beware: this stuff is like the suit and armor of shapewearI spent hours tugging, sucking in, and sweating to get into these girdles, corsets, and full body suits. But (intense) pain is beauty, right?

Get your dream body with these three Ardyss essentials:

This girdle is not like grandmasthe Slim Shaper ($88) banishes muffin tops while burning fat from your midsection. Wear it under any shirt and flaunt a perfect hourglass.

Even if your butt is totally flat, slide on these Panty Reshaper Underwear ($54.89), for an instant Kim Kardashian butt fix that lifts and boosts your actual butt without any pads.

For a total body solution, nothing will help more than this Body Reshaper ($88). It does exactly what it saysand don’t worry about going to the bathroom, there are snaps in the crotch for easy access.

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