Gucci or Gas?

by admin

Gucci or Gas?

Gas prices are inching up. The economic stimulus package doesn’t seem to be stimulating our ability to buy that latest-and-greatest shiny, new Gucci tempting us, calling our name from the perfectly-lit store window. An unnamed sadness seems to settle around our shoulders. We read about recession-proofing our wardrobe. And, yes, there are great ideas about how to update our present wardrobe and not feel deprived. The sadness does not lift. There is something much deeper to consider in the question of Gucci or gas.

Is there even a question? Would any warm-blooded relationally-aware and rational woman ever choose gas for her car over how she would feel carrying that Gucci bag? I don’t think so. One century-old tested quality of our womanhood is resourcefulness with a capital “R.”

If we truly want that Gucci bag, and step into the sunshine of pure joy, we will find a way! Choose getting up earlier to ride a bus … Pack wrinkle free clothing and our Jimmy Choo shoes into a backpack, borrow the neighbor’s bike and bike to work. Visit friends and neighbors at suppertime so we don’t need to spend unnecessary money on such mundane articles as food. Or, go on a nutrition-packed two meal a day diet, skipping the expensive dinner. We might even pack our own brown bag lunch, forgo the daily Starbuck’s mocha. (Heaven forbid! We have to really love that Gucci bag for this sacrifice!) We might even consider moving back in with our parents, and volunteer to cook the evening meals for them (We have to give when we take as adults). If we own our home, we can take in short-term borders.

The point is: our life will run smoothly, efficiently, and productively, if our emotional and relational needs are met. (Contrary to men, we women get relational with our clothes.) That Gucci bag just might meet our needs, and be the propelling force to open up our future. And, you’d better believe that sadness cloud will be long gone with our Gucci strap secure on our shoulders.