Has It Become Politically Incorrect to Be Skinny?

by More.com Editors

Has It Become Politically Incorrect to Be Skinny?

I’m talking for all the skinny girls around the world. And when I say “skinny” I do not mean anorexic-prominent-collarbones-no-curves skinny, I mean petite frame with a high metabolism. Let me explain it a little bit. Maybe a visual aid would help. Think Eva Langoria, Halle Berry, Marisa Tomei—they are all gorgeous women, but on the skinnier side. There have been a lot of articles, e-news exclusives on how actresses and models starve themselves to get that perfect size. Maybe they are right to an extent, but what I’d like to talk about is how that affects people who are born skinny and petite.


This is what happens:


1. There is an article in a magazine,

2. People read it,

3. They think of all the skinny people they know,

4. And boom—they think their friends have a problem.


So, you might wonder what the actual problem here is … let me get to that. These articles also talk about the fact that being curvy is in and they give a number of celebrity examples like Beyonce, which is good. But, now all the not-so-skinny friends think they are “in,” which puts the skinny people on the spot to gain weight.


Now here comes the question, why is it that when the reverse was happening, it became a big issue, but now when the skinny people are under pressure to put on weight, it is not counted as pressure from the society? Isn’t both, putting on weight and losing weight, because of what the magazines tell you as in, a negative effect on the society? Isn’t asking people to put on weight an equally negative thing as when asking people to lose weight was? Both of them could be counted as pressure from the society. Why are people not bothered about this? Maybe because most of the society “thinks” they all fall under the not-so-skinny category.


Isn’t it time that all skinny and not-so-skinny women across the world join hands together and say to those magazines, “Just let us be, as long as we are healthy, and we feel good and sexy.”