Head’s Up: Learning Curves

by admin

We curvy girls are so many times told that we have “such a pretty face” right? (Like we don’t already know!) Well, why not frame it and our Mona Lisa smiles with this season’s trendiest item—a hat.

Hats have made it to the top of the trends this season and as a hat aficionada, I feel compelled to think hat thoughts here. I’m well aware that people may snicker when I confess my love affair with hats because quite simply, hats are not for everyone.

My full-figured friend from San Francisco explained that in her opinion, “Hats are too much of a problem, and they ruin your hair.” While a damaged coif a.k.a “hat head” is indeed a genuine concern, I think she’s taking the easy way out. You want to know the truth about choosing to wear a hat? It takes almost as much guts as putting on hot pants, sometimes more. Think about it, when you wear something on your head, everyone notices!

For me, going to college in the Midwest, hats were not so much a display of fashion as they were an accessory of function. That said, I made sure that fashion and function collided as often as possible! My close relationship with this object d’art started to fade when I moved to Manhattan after those chilly college years in Kalamazoo. I wore hats on occasion, but I had lost my joy. Then I found myself working on a fashion shoot in Minneapolis, and one item short of a Mary Tyler Moore moment. (Can you believe I dared to brave that subzero city without a hat?) Thank goodness I remembered that packed up in my hotel room was a selection of hats for the shoot that I turned to for both inspiration and protection. Now that my passion for hats has reignited, I see that there’s no shortage of hat styles on and off the runways to restock my hatbox! I’ve been looking around and found fashion + function in spades.

From the chic designer look of Calvin Klein cable knit skullcaps complete in sets with gloves and a cable scarf for $36.00 and in the season’s hottest color, grey, to attitude-inspiring newsboy caps in knits like this one from the Merona collection at Target, and even fedoras like these ones from Hats In the Belfry, each hat makes a statement of its own—but I do have some favorites:

The beanie caps from gap.com are bright and warm enough to fight off any grey day. Target has similar styled beanie caps but with fun stripes.

I’m especially loving the faux fur fedora with a satin leopard lining from evanslondon. It comes in medium to extra-large sizes. They also carry sequin Bakerboy caps.

The beret is a very chic chapeau and I love Banana Republic’s selection of soft wool berets for $32.

My fate was forever sealed with a hat when I came across the 20’s mohair/silk blend cloche style from designer Terry Graziano at a fab new hat Web site. As I looked in the mirror and pushed it up at a jaunty angle, I remembered what a wonderful attitude a hat can give you.

I carried that memory back with me to the Big Apple. Now, I love putting on some red lipstick and flipping up the ends of my hairstyle to peek out of my hat with a sassy attitude. I find myself working my outfits around my collection of hats this winter season and ooh, they’re the perfect complement to the wonderful coats, sexy knits, and longer lengths happening right now.

Trust me, the next time you’re shopping, listen to that inner voice begging you to try on a hat. Then go out and hit the streets and tip your hat to your new look!