High-Maintenance Me

by admin

High-Maintenance Me

I’ve been called high maintenance and I’m okay with that. I’m not talking about the stuck up, bitchy variety. Rather I’m the one that won’t be seen in public without having my hair “did” and makeup on. All my shoes have a heel (partially because I’m vertically challenged) and I only wear sneakers when I’m working out. All my pajamas are real jammies and I prefer my bras and panties to match even on those “non-special” days. I’ll tell you why.

I am married. Granted I’m a newlywed but I was with my husband for over three years before we got married. To this day I still freshen up my makeup before going home to see him or before he gets home from work. Too often people get comfortable in long term relationships. The comfort manifests in different ways. Many people I know that are in long term relationships stop getting dressed up all the time, start throwing their hair back in a ponytail, stop wearing the cute pj’s to bed, and really don’t care what their underwear looks like. You get the idea. 

What I do in terms of “getting did” may seem excessive to some people. First I want to say that I do it for me. I want to look my best at all times.

1) I feel my best when I look my best. Who doesn’t? Don’t you notice how you carry yourself differently when you’re all dolled up for an outing? When you feel you look your best you feel good and why not do that yourself everyday?

2) I do it for my husband. Call me crazy but guys are visual creatures. When he’s at work all day I can guess that the office has its share of attractive women that have on make up and get dressed up every day (and so does the Starbucks, and the sidewalk, and the lobby …). The last thing I want is to lose credibility in the—I take care of myself department—and have my hubby feel that he doesn’t deserve to come home to someone that cares to be put together even for no reason at all. Just to drive my point home, reverse the situation. If you’re with someone think about what physically attracted you to that person in the 1st place. Now if he or she started to morph into someone that looks like something else wouldn’t you be just a little disappointed?

When we start taking our looks for granted we indirectly start taking our significant others for granted and we’re doing ourselves a disservice. Don’t give up just because you got the prize! I know all of this may sound shallow but I look at it as an investment not only in me but in my relationship. This is strictly on an aesthetic note and I want to say for the record that I believe a meaningful relationship has many facets and this is just one. So if my tactics are a little too extreme for your taste I say just throw on a little blush and lip gloss for YOU and your honey. L’Oreal said it best when they said honey “Because you’re worth it”. 

By Mssantos of PNN