How to Dress Up A Comfy Sweatshirt this Fall

by admin

How to Dress Up A Comfy Sweatshirt this Fall

One of my favorite trends to rock this fall may be a bit surprising to some of you. A few years ago, I’m sure no one would have guessed that this tried-and-true piece could become a chic, fashion-forward piece. I'm talking about sweatshirts. Granted, I am quite picky about my sweatshirts, but I think they make a great juxtaposition to any fall outfit. And you can't beat 'em for comfort!

My favorite way to wear sweatshirts is to layer them over a collared shirt. A collar dresses up almost anything! I love the crisp look of the collared shirt against the casual look of the sweatshirt. After layering my sweatshirt, I always throw on a statement necklace. I feel like it completely pulls together the look and dresses it up a little. To really take the outfit up a notch for a nighttime look, trade the distressed jeans for some tight leather pants or even a leather skirt and finish the look with some pointed pumps or strappy sandals. Don’t forget your arm party! Now you're ready for either a pulled-together, casual daytime look or a sleek, sophisticated nighttime look. 

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