How to Dress for the Heat Wave

by admin

How to Dress for the Heat Wave

All of a sudden Mother Nature has decided to get serious about summer and we’re facing the results—blazing sun, temps upwards of 90, crazy humidity, the works. I’ve also noticed that it’s about 10 times harder to get dressed in the morning. Instead of simply picking out something cute I want to wear, I have to think about how often I’ll be outside in sweltering heat versus inside in chilling air conditioning. Sound familiar? Luckily, we know our way around a wardrobe challenge or two around here. Here are four summer outfits that will help you get through the heat wave! Keep cool.

If you're heading to work, a day full of meetings, or running errands, you want an outfit that will be comfortable as you go from outside to inside and back out again. A printed dress is both comfortably breezy and stylishly sophisticated. Keep a light jacket like this cool silk bomber jacket with you—it won’t be too bulky to drape over your chic cross-body bag while you’re in the heat and you’ll be glad you have it indoors! Pretty white sandals are a step up from flip flops and will be cooler than closed-in flats. 

Lightweight chambray shorts are perfect for a hot summer day. The track-style shorts gave you a luxe sporty look that is so on trend this season. Pair them with a cute graphic tee that you can half-tuck and a simple silver necklace. Sandals might be ideal for the weather but if you’ll be walking a lot or need covered shoes, these adorable polka dot Keds are by far your best option! The breathable canvas will keep your feet from overheating.

A little tank top is ideal when you're dressing for the heat wave but can sometimes look lazy. To avoid that, tuck a red tank top into a navy striped skirt for a cute nautical-inspired summer outfit. Woven strappy sandals will dress up the outfit for a brunch date or casual dinner.

Obviously the most comfortable thing to wear during a heat wave is a bikini! This cutout neon bikini is hot, but you definitely won’t be too hot in it. Grab a sunscreen that’s lightweight to avoid feeling sticky while you're staying safe. This bright beach tote will allow you to tote your sunglasses, cover-up, and a great book for beach-side reading.