How to Look Chic at the Beach

by admin

How to Look Chic at the Beach

Beach wear is something I’ve gotten fairly good at, since the beach is now my backyard. Before I lived here, I used to think that preparing outfits for the beach needed to be strategic and “cute.” Then, after realizing that taking a shirt, shorts, shoes and bracelets off to jump in the water is neither cute nor practical, I changed my tune. I love wearing dresses to the beach, because you only have to take off and put on one piece. I also like wearing my longer button-up shirts and a long Boho necklace. It's such an easy breezy look.

The key is to look put together, without looking like you planned it. That makes no sense right? Don’t spend hours trying to look like you didn’t try at all. Throw on some key items and out the door you go!

I wore this maxi, because the material is breezy and lightweight. And the long length ensures that it won't fly up with a strong gust of wind! I wrapped a scarf around my head to keep my hair away from my face and added a few accessories. Now a great book, a cocktail, and a pair of sunnies is all you need. Bon Voyage! 

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