How to Look Confident at Work: 11 Power Pieces for the Boss in You

by admin

How to Look Confident at Work: 11 Power Pieces for the Boss in You

Want to know how to look confident at work? This year, let your clothing do the talking. Regardless of what you do and where you work, there are certain closet staples that help you look confident. Click on for 11 must-own pieces to bring out the girl boss in you.


White Coat



You don’t have to be a doctor to wear a white coat, but you can look affluent wearing one. Check out how style blogger Victoria Tornegren pairs hers with leather skinnies and pumps for a crisp look. We love a white coat in every season.


Polished Blazer



Give yourself an extra 5 minutes every morning to better plan your outfits or attempt a new hair or makeup look. If an extra 5 minutes isn't possible, throw on a structured black blazer like Wendy's to start your day looking polished and powerful.


Power Color



Bold colors like Annabelle’s red suit show power and confidence and brighten your look. A monochromatic outfit always keeps your look simple, sleek, and sophisticated. This look really does speak for itself.


Flatter Your Figure



To really feel confident in your clothing, you need to know how to dress your body. A wrap dress is the perfect power piece to keep stocked in your closet. This style of dress donned by Kimberley is not only easy to wear, but its ultra-flattering silhouette also works great for any figure.


Trench Coat



The trench coat has become a trademark in the business world. This simple jacket worn over a dress, trousers, or jeans can heighten your confidence at your workplace. In need of a power trip? Rock your trench coat, as style blogger Helena did, to bring out the boss in you.


Pencil Skirt



This waist whittler and curve enhancer worn by Rachel boosts sexiness and increases confidence. But keep in mind that this knee-length skirt doesn’t have to be strictly business. Tip: Your pencil skirt should hit at the slimmest part of your leg—either right above or right below your knee.


Personalize It



The key to confidence is knowing and owning personal style. Make sure to always stamp your style on your outfit. Take Julia's simple white collared blouse for example. She added a ribbon bow tie and a pop of red lip to finish off and personalize her outfit.





When you look good, you feel good. And nothing makes a woman look better than a little black dress. Feeling brave? Mix it up with leather. It’s a tough fabric that can show off a lot of personality. Try this badass look worn by street-style guru Candice Lake.


Lengthen Your Look



Heighten your self-esteem with leg-lengthening trousers like style blogger Blair's. When it comes to height, every inch counts. (According to the American Psychological Association, those who stand taller look more confident and make nearly $166,000 more over a 30-year career than someone who is 5 feet 5 inches or shorter.) So, lengthen those legs with a pair of high-waisted trousers, and stand tall.


Structured Bag



A sloppy bag may reflect a sloppy person. Not what you're going for? No worries! This season, gravitate toward structured bags. The clean lines and distinct shapes imply organization and professionalism. A structured bag like Vanja's has the power to polish off any look.


Pointed-Toe Pumps



A great pair of pointed-toe pumps is the perfect option to show both strength and style in your look. These heels worn by Arielle instantly enhance any look. Tip: Wear a pair you can walk in. There’s nothing worse than tripping on a pair that’s too high or uncomfortable.