How to Look Skinny: 13 Ways to Appear Slimmer in Seconds

by Katelyn Cheek

How to Look Skinny: 13 Ways to Appear Slimmer in Seconds

Feeling great about the way you look is easier said than done for many of us, especially when the fashion industry has made a size 2 the new average. Want to know how to look skinny, even when you’re feeling lumpy, bumpy or bloated? Here are 13 style tips and clothing choices that will make you feel great about the way you look.


Sunless Tanner



A tan is an easy way to feel good, but did you know it also can make you look thinner? A faux tan hides skin blemishes and makes your complexion look more even. Fashion blogger Courtney Kerr couldn’t have said it better, “If you can’t tone it, tan it.” And clearly Rachel of Pink Peonies is following suit with this sunless tanner lotion.


Dark Denim



If you’re trying to look thinner, stick with a pair of dark, streamlined denim. Take note from this simple denim look worn by fashion blogger Amy of Dallas Wardrobe. It’s best to avoid attention-getters like embellishments, prints and bright colors. For the slimmest styles, try a boot cut, straight leg or skinny jean.


Wrap Dress



Made popular by DVF, a wrap dress is slimming because it cinches your waist and hides your midsection. It’s a great cut for every body type, too. Try a fun print as Jenni of Comme Coco did. The print will draw attention away from any areas you’re trying to camouflage.


Side Panels



Side panels are miracle workers! Dark or navy panels give the illusion of the hourglasses shape we all crave. Blogger Stephanie Sterjovski proves just how amazing side panels really are.


High-Waist Bottoms



High-waist bottoms are an easy way to appear thinner in seconds. Throw on a high-waist skirt, shorts, jeans or trouser pants as Ashleigh of The Daileigh did. The high waist gives the illusion of slimmer legs, because the extra inches of fabric at the higher waist visually elongate your body. Make sure to keep your waist visible by tucking in your top or wearing a cropped top.


Wear All Black



Wearing all black is the oldest trick in the book. Dark color creates the illusion of a longer, slender silhouette. Plus, an all-black tailored ensemble like this one worn by Grace of Stripes & Sequins is perpetually chic. If you want to add a little color to your outfit, just make sure to mask the problem areas with the dark colors.


Proper Fit



A proper fit is essential when it comes to looking lean. Wearing clothing that is either too small or too large will make you look bigger. Unfortunately, you rarely get a perfect fit when buying off the rack, so make your tailor your BFF, especially if you are petite like Anh of 9 to 5 Chic. She is a great example of ensuring pants are the correct length, jackets fit the shoulders and sleeves hit at the wrists.


Vertical Stripes



Don’t let vertical stripes scare you. The secret is to choose clothing with thin stripes. Danielle of We Wore What is rocking a pair of lined trousers that create the illusion of leaner, longer legs.


Accentuate Your Waist



When wearing looser clothing like dresses or tunics, cinch your waist with a skinny belt as Julia of Gal Meets Glam did. By defining your waist, you’re creating a flattering hourglass figure.


Pumps with a Pointed Toe



Heels with a pointed toe have major lengthening power. Look for a low-cut pair to show off your toe cleavage for maximum skin exposure. The secret to having legs for days? Choose a nude pair that matches your skin tone like the ones Arielle of the blog Something Navy chose.


Skirt Length



It’s important to have your skirt hem hit at a spot that flatters your body. Hems that are too long can make your legs look stubby, and hems too short can make you look heavier than you are. Check out Ashley of the blog Pursuit of Shoes for proper hem placement. Her hem hits at the leanest part of the leg, right below the knee. Other ideal places for your skirt or dress to finish are mid thigh and right above the knee.


V Necks



Meggan of Somewhere Lately opts for a V-neck tee to lengthen her neck. The V directs the eye down, creating a longer, slimmer torso. Stay away from rounded necklines, because they make you look shorter.


Long Necklaces



Give yourself the illusion of a longer neck and elongated torso by wearing a long necklace. Molly of A Piece of Toast is wearing a long gold tassel necklace with her blouse, but the necklace could also work with a dress, sweater or tunic. Shy away from chokers; they’ll visually cut your neck in half.