How Not to Wear Black Gets Published

by admin

How Not to Wear Black Gets Published

My passion for helping women to stop wearing so much black will soon be available to all those of you out there wondering if indeed black is a color that suits your genetic coloring and your personality.

There are in fact a minority of cool skinned, melancholic ladies who are able to wear black really well up against the skin without showing all the negative effects of ageing; dark shadows, lines, wrinkles and a washed out complexion! Black can also affect us on an energetic level, and wearing too much can make us feel drained and tired.

Many women believe that black is slimming, chic and safe—a color to hide behind and not be noticed in—but who wants to look all these things and ten years older!

I have written a self-help guide, a book that looks at the psychology behind why women wear black. In certain cultures it is indeed expected that women hide themselves in it. However, women worldwide choose to wear it for lots of different reasons and this book will take you on a journey to discover whether in fact black is a harmonious color for you.

The book tells you how to continue to wear black if it does not suit your temperament and your skin tone with lots of invaluable tips for your wardrobe. Along with a chapter for men!

Carrying out the personality questionnaire will give you a fascinating insight into your own temperament, and it may be that you have several influencing factors that you have either inherited or simply gained along the way.

Color draping and looking into your eyes are all covered in the book and I really hope that every woman gets the chance to find out for herself whether black can be worn well into old age!