How to Organize Your Tall Fall Boots? Hang Them

by admin

How to Organize Your Tall Fall Boots? Hang Them

While the rest of the world is reveling in the sultry days of summer, in Fashionland, it’s already all about Fall, which means snuggly sweaters, lush hues, and the annual dilemma of what to do about that crumpled stack of tall boots piled in or around your closet. Sticking boot shapers in them keeps them upright, but that still leaves the fundamental issue of more bootage than closet floor square footage—the same problem which plagued a fashion-loving lawyer who enthusiastically embraced a recent fall boot trend … to the tune of more than thirty knee-high boots.

Her solution? The Boot Hanger by Boottique which not only can hold your heaviest boots, but won’t leave a mark on the softest suede, making it a completely genius contraption. Hang in your closet on a low-hanging closet rod hanger, on their free-standing Boot Hanger Rack. Each set of three hangers is $20—a small price to pay to keep your boot investment organized and in good condition.

However, if money is a tad tight, do like we do: use simple clips on nails staggered up the wall next to the closet. If you’re hanging boots made from suede or a soft, pricey leather, protect them by placing a strip of toweling or other soft fabric between the clip and the boot. These chic chrome clip hangers are just fifty cents each while these Hercules Clips may not be quite as pretty, but they’re certainly cheap (just under forty cents each) and effective.

Originally published on Fashiontribes