How to Pack for a Long Weekend

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How to Pack for a Long Weekend

Q: Dear Budget Fashionista, Could you please make some suggestions for a long weekend travel wardrobe? I seem to run into the same problem every time I prepare for vacation—how to pack to look chic, but also be comfortable. I tend to do a lot of walking while on vacation. I want to look chic, which is difficult to do when you are hobbling around because your feet are killing you. Please help. I’m heading to Paris in a few weeks and would like to pack an affordable, fashionable, and comfortable travel wardrobe for once. —Fashion Traveler

A: Dear Fashion Traveler,

I’m a frequent traveler as well (especially this summer). Here’s a list of basic things I bring when going on a long weekend trip.

  • A pashmina or pashmina like wrap that can fold easily into a tote bag or purse. These wraps are perfect for cold airplanes and cool nights.
  • A pair of flats. Issac Mizrahi at Target or Aerosoles, all makes for comfortable, stylish shoes without breaking the bank.
  • A pair of comfortable heels from Aerosoles—these are the best walking/heel shoes around and they’re cute. Buy them in black so you’ll be able to wear it repeatedly.
  • Rayon blend black pants that don’t wrinkle.
  • Two to three chic t-shirts, in a variety of colors, with a bit spandex Lycra content. These t-shirts are easy to pack and don’t wrinkle.
  • A stylish large bag, tote, satchel, or hobo that can double as an extra bag for any souvenirs or purchases.
  • Pair of jeans with a hint of spandex. For some reason, I seem to increase a size whenever I travel, especially cross country.
  • A Jersey Knit dress that doesn’t wrinkle. Wear with flats during the day—with the pashmina and heels at night
  • Umbrella—so VERY important.
  • A pair of plastic thongs you can get from Old Navy for two for five dollars. Even if you’re not going to beach, you never know when you might need these.

For longer trips (one week or more), build on the list above. Instead of just one pair of jeans, bring two. Always make sure you have a two shirt to every pair of bottoms ratio. You might always want to throw in a more casual dress as well. The reason why I focus on dresses when traveling is that they’re instant outfits—just add jewelry and shoes and you’re ready to go—and you can dress them up or down.

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