How to Remove the Underwires on Bras for Teenage Girls

by admin

How to Remove the Underwires on Bras for Teenage Girls

I’m not a fan of underwires, so shopping for bras with my daughter was a real challenge. Their teenage breasts haven’t even finished growing yet and we need to corral them with metal antennas that could restrict the lymphatic flow? Yikes. Just doesn’t make sense to me. But all the cute bras are constructed that way. And we all know how important it is to have a cute bra!

Enter my friend, the seamstress, with a magical solution. It’s called a seam ripper, and it is available pretty much anywhere—Target, the grocery store, or of course, a fabric store. You can see a picture and read about it here.

Now both my daughter and I are happy. We buy the fabric and style she wants, and when we get home, we turn the bra inside out and use the seam ripper to cut a tiny slit in one end of the sleeve that holds the underwire. Push the other end to pop the little white tip out of the opening, and the whole underwire just slides right out. I just leave the slit there, rather than sewing it closed, and have never had one unravel in the wash or anything. The modification is completely invisible.