How to Wear Fall Fashion Trends in Warmer Climates

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How to Wear Fall Fashion Trends in Warmer Climates

Fall weather is slowly starting to show up and I’m excitedly preparing my wardrobe. However, for us coastal girls, there's a bit of a hiccup in that seasonal process. We really don’t get to see fall like others do. Here in Miami—and having lived in Los Angeles I can say the same for them—our fall temperatures are a drop from the 90s to the high 70s. It’s not nearly cold enough to wear a complete fall outfit so you’ve got to work with what you have. That’s why I’ve put together a guide on how to tackle a fall wardrobe with only four items when you live in warm climates.

Fall is all about layering. So layer! The trick here is to go light and layer very thin pieces. This is where vests play a big role. Vest are easy and versatile pieces to throw on over almost any outfit. It's that extra layer of light warmth that screams fall! Below, West Coast Crystalin added a a denim vest to her casual fall look. Click here to see how Crystalin wears denim vest for any occasion!

My second must-have items for fall wardrobing in warmer climates is shorts. If you want to wear a fabulous fall sweater or jacket like the one Blair is wearing below, you simply cannot afford to wear pants with it too—unless you have a meltdown wish. This look fuses fall in warmer places perfectly. You can wear a sweater, layered over a lightweight chiffon blouse, and leather shorts. 

My third fall must-have is a great pair of booties. Wearing booties with shorts, overalls, skirts, and even pants can get you into the fall spirit without making you sweat the reality of high temps.  Krystalin pulls off this semi-warm ensemble by incorporating layering—a leather jacket and booties paired with easy short overalls. 

Leather Jacket
My fourth must-have is a leather jacket! Leather jackets are the end-all, be-all of the fall season. In my opinion, leather jackets are the one item you must purchase this fall! They're in almost every store and come in different styles and colors—you're sure to find the perfect one! Like I said about shorts, if you're going to wear a heavier top, dress appropriately on the bottom—you don't want to melt in the coastal heat. Below, Nicole gets this trend just right. She layered her leather jacket over her gingham blouse and paired the two with easy-breezy shorts to stay cool. 

Remember, the pieces you need to have this fall to create any of these outfits are:

  • A vest 
  • Denim, leather, or  tweed shorts
  • Booties
  • Leather jacket

When you begin to crave cider and hot chocolate, but find yourself with your AC blasting just remember, you can keep your summer pieces around all year long by adding vests, shorts, leather, and booties here and there. It's a fair compromise. 

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Photos: Crystalin courtesy of Crystalin Marie, Blair courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific, Krystal courtesy of Time Time Tomorrow, and Nicole courtesy of Frankie Hearts Fashion