How to Wear High-Waisted Denim Shorts

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How to Wear High-Waisted Denim Shorts

High-waisted jeans aren’t just for moms anymore! Pull out those old Levi 501s and chop those bad boys up for a fun, chic new take on the high-waisted look. These cutoffs can really be incorporated into every different style. Even if your style is more classic, don't be afraid of this daring trend! Try pairing your cutoffs with a basic tee, blazer, and heels for a new take on classic. If bohemian or rocker chic are more your style, try mixing the rough texture of the jean shorts with a flowy kimono top, lace, or even a leather jacket. Here are two ways I would rock high-waisted jeans shorts.

This is what I would wear on a casual day, maybe to lunch or shopping with friends. My love for band tees has become a little out of control—and I am completely fine with it! They're perfect to pair with jean shorts and can easily be layered under a chunky sweater, blazer, or a leather jacket in the fall. I popped on a pair of my favorite booties and I'm good to go!

Dressed Up
This look is something I would wear out with friends or on a date. I love the mix of jean shorts with the chic leopard-print blouse and blazer. If I was in a hurry or knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking, I could easily leave on my booties, but to spice things up a bit I changed into some pointy pumps.

This trend is completely customizable and can merge into anyone’s wardrobe. You can tuck your tops into the shorts, do a messy half tuck, or leave your top out for a flowy, relaxed vibe. If you're feeling super daring, you can even try tights under your shorts in the winter for a chic layered look (plus it will keep you warm). I hope you guys take the plunge and try this adorable high-waisted trend. 

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